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Witches Flying to the Sabbat

The Witches' Almanac
Spring 2001 to Spring 2002

The Witches' Almanac

Enchantment and wonder. A Witches' Sabbath at May Eve celebrates Walpurgisnacht on the Brocken peak in Germany. The doubly regal griffin, head of eagle, body of lion, as befits royalty loves to amass jewels and gold. Medusa, head swirling with snakes, is lethally grotesque. Labyrinth patterns, simple to complex, receive new appreciation as an aid to spiritual growth. We track the Sacred Ram from Algeria to Egypt to Rome to the sky, detouring for Greek Jason seeking the Golden Fleece. For kitchen adventure, we make luxurious scrambled eggs with truffles. Monthly astrology and climatology predictions, delightful art. $7.95

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Table of Contents

Moon Gardening
Today and Tomorrow
The Labyrinth
Year of the Snake
The Moon Calendar
Sacred Ram
In the Scene
The Lion
Queen of Shades
The Fir and the Bramble
The Black Dog
The Mighty Oak
Earth Spirits
The World and All
The Golden Goose
Old Irish Charms
An Odd Outcome
Astrological Keys
Another Stonehenge
Window on the Weather
Gifted Humans
The Language of Herbs
The Rule of Four
The Way of the Moon

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