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Witches Flying to the Sabbat

The Witches' Almanac
Spring 2000 to Spring 2001

The Witches' Almanac

We focus on quests, fulfilled and unfulfilled. Orion the Hunter wheels across the heavens, weapon raised, never able to catch up to Taurus the Bull. The Wise Fool of the tarot comes to terms with his inner nature. Countless charms and talismans help to avert the Evil Eye. Amazon women shun men except for propagation, create an extensive empire. During the years of African slavery, High John de Conquer is a mythic hero. The unique fragrance of the herb rue adds to its sacred resonance. Shakespeare's “Seven Ages of Man,” from As You Like It. ”Monthly astrology and climatology predictions, fine illustrations. $7.95

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Table of Contents

Ultima Thule
Memento Mori
Moon Gardening
Today and Tomorrow
The Twelve Huntsmen
Exploring the Canaries
Year of the Dragon
The Moon Calendar
The Wise Fool
The Hawthorn Tree
The Travelers and the Bear
The Evil Eye
On Mount Olympus
The Amazons
Kitchen Magic
A Welsh Witch
High John de Conquer
Rue, Herb of Grace
Owl Light
Find Your Spot
Roman Wit and Wisdom
Three Ways to Bless a Charm
Four Winds
Window on the Weather
I Ching Insight
Astrological Keys
Seven Ages of Man
Celtic Tree Calendar
The Way of the Moon

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