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Witches Flying to the Sabbat

The Witches' Almanac
Spring 1996 to Spring 1997

The Witches' Almanac

Viewing witchcraft as creative action of any kind. We pay homage to Hecate, goddess of sorcery, shrines abuzz at ancient crossroads and offer a splendid recipe containing her favorite food; present the goat as the symbolic wildness in human nature; revisit the brothers Grimm as Rumpelstiltskin whirls into absurd tasks. African masks with magical significance peer at us from the pages. And Lewis Carroll's Alice runs and runs just to keep in the same place. Readers pursuing occult knowledge will love the Glossary that spins you from Deasil to Widdershins. Monthly astrology and climatology predictions, our usual excellent art. $6.95

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Table of Contents

Today and Tomorrow
The Tarot Key of Strength
Jung and the Theatre
Moon Gardening
The Moon Calendar
Darkness to Light
Europa and the Bull
The Tea of Tranquility
The Moon and the Weather
Animal Tips
The Fox and the Grapes
Medieval Astrology
Homage to Hecate
The Wonder of Hope
Goat Song
The Rowan Tree
Earth, Wind, and Sky
A Cycladic Cruise
Window on the Weather
Astrological Keys
Goddess of the Spring
Celtic Tree Calendar
Alice and the Red Queen
African Magic
Moon Miscellany
Random Recollection

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