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Weekly Spell

The Witches Almanac
...from The Element Encyclopedia of 5,000 Spells
by Judika Illes

Weekly Spell

Hot Stone Diagnostic Spell

A Scottish diagnostic method attempts to determine from which part of the body an illness derives.
  1. Designate individual stones to represent parts of the body. Traditionally three are used, one for the head, one for the heart, and one for the body but you can designate any number or system that suits your situation, provideing the stones are distinctive and identifiable.
  2. Place them overnight to rest in the hot ashes of the hearth. (No hearth? Burn incense in a cauldron and use that instead.)
  3. In the morning, drop the stones one at a time into a basin of cold water.
The one making the loudest sound on contact with the water provides the diagnosis.

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