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Sites of Awe


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This year Armand Taber visits Israel - land of divergence and inspiration. Truly a sacred site, through these photos of the Holy Land we get a sense of pure wonder. Awe that has been shared by not only Christians, Arabs and Jews, but by all people striving to get closer to their own sense of spirituality.

City of Haifa – center for the Baha’i faith – view over-
looking the Baha’i gardens and the Mediterranean Sea
View of the Dome of the Rock as seen from the Old city in Jerusalem. Most sacred place of the Arab world. Said to mark the site where Mohammed was lifted to heaven. The Western Wall or Wailing Wall (Old city in Jerusalem). A most sacred site to the Jewish world. Said to be part of the wall of the biblical King Solomon’s temple.
Mosiac Floor
Ancient zodiac mosaic found on the floor of an excavated Israeli synagogue.
Front door to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher (Old city in Jerusalem). An extremely sacred site to the Christian people. Said to mark the site where Jesus was crucified. Entrance to the Church of the Holy Sepulcher (Old city in Jerusalem)
An old well found in the Judean desert. .
Camels in the Judean desert.
Remains of a Roman aqueduct stretching from the ancient seaport of Akko in the north to the capital of Israel - Tel Aviv
Metaphysical store in Tel Aviv.
Shopkeeper at metaphysical store in Tel Aviv Metaphysical store in Tel Aviv

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