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Witches Flying to the Sabbat

Magical Creatures
by Elizabeth Pepper and Barbara Stacy

Magical Creatures
Animals are magical beings, the subject of lore and legend from earliest time. Many achieved divinity and were worshiped as symbols of the highest virtues. Some were demonized by one culture and revered by another.

We have collected their tales -- our companions, the wild ones, and those wondrous fantasies that populate a world of delight and terror.

ISBN 1-881098-14-1
Paperback, 94 pages, 5.25" x 8.5"

"A valuable addition to any witches library!"

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International Delivery
International delivery
Table of Contents

Tame Creatures
Cats 11
Cattle 15
Dogs 19
Geese 22
Goats 24
Hawks and Falcons 28
Horses 31
Peacocks 34
Roosters 37
Sheep 39
Swine 41
Wild Creatures
Bats 47
Butterflies 49
Crows and Ravens 51
Deer 54
Dolphins 57
Frogs and Toads 59
Hares and Rabbits 62
Owls 64
Snakes 66
Spiders 68
Swans 70
Fabulous Creatures
Basilisk 75
Centaurs 77
Chimera 79
Dragons 81
Griffins 84
Phoenix 86
Salamander 88
Selkies 90
Unicorns 92
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