Elizabeth Pepper da Costa


Elizabeth remembered...

Readers sometimes inquire about our colleague and mentor, the late Elizabeth Pepper, who still seems to hover over our enterprise. Elizabeth was the publisher, executive editor and graphics designer of The Witches' Almanac as well as a number of related books. She had a formidable knowledge of the occult, both as an avid reader and longtime practitioner, and was highly regarded by the Craft community.

A longtime resident of Newport, Rhode Island, Elizabeth was born in Providence and attended Pembroke College, Brown University, and the Rhode Island School of Design. After college she moved to New York, studied advanced type design and became the Art Director of Gourmet magazine for seven years during the fifties. At that time Elizabeth married Martin Da Costa of Philadelphia. The marriage was a particularly felicitous union, loving and mutually respectful.

Martin was an excellent sculptor and painter. His subjects were animals, rendered in meticulous detail much in the style of the medieval artists Elizabeth venerated and featured in the Almanac. Elizabeth herself was a fine artist and her drawings of cats in every feline mood were wonderful. But the Almanac, founded in 1971, was her true calling. She worked zealously every day, year in and year out, on the annual and the related books. Her long-time colleagues, Theitic and the Almanac staff, have been entrusted to carry on publication with the same attention to the quality of the books. So we do. Elizabeth is still a constant source of inspiration for all of us.