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Witches Flying to the Sabbat

Magic: An Occult Primer

The Witches' Almanac

3-ISBN: 978-1-881098-37-9
Price: $23.95
384 pages, 6"x9"

DAVID CONWAY’S Magic: An Occult Primer is a seminal work that brought magical training to the every-magician in the early 70s. David is an articulate writer presenting the mysteries in a very workable manner for the serious student. Along with the updated texts on philosophy and practical magic are a plethora of graphics that have all been redrawn, promising to be another collector’s edition published by The Witches’ Almanac.

$24.95 plus shipping & handling
(continental US delivery)

Continental USA delivery only

Table of Contents

Foreword 10
Preface 25
Introduction 28

part one: magical theory
1 Magic and Natural Law 34
2 The Magical Universe 54
3 The World and the Magician 78
4 Visualization and the Training of the Magician 86
5 The Meaning of Ritual 98

part two: magical practice
6 The Preparation 128

The Intention and the Correspondences
Table of Intentions
Table of Correspondences
Zodiacal Tables

The Time
The Tattvic Tides
The Lunar Cycle
Planetary Exaltations
Planetary Rulerships, Planetary Days and Hours

The Place
The Circle
The Triangle of Art
The Altar
The Ritual Sword
The Wand
The Incense Burner
The Correspondence Chart
The Tree of Life
The Ritual Card
The Pentacle
The Gong or Gavel
The Crystal
The Candles
The Sacrificial Knife
The Flowers
The Oleum Magicum

7 The Master Rituals 158
The Kabbalistic Master Ritual
The Egyptian Master Ritual

8 Astral Projection 189

9 Talismanic Magic 2
Kabbalistic Charms
Egyptian Charms

10 The Art of Prophecy 230

11 A Word About Demons 243

12 Magical Intentions 251
Eternal Youth

13 Death and the Meaning of Life 271

14 The Way of High Magic 279

Cover Illustration: Chnoubis is a the solar lion headed serpent of Egyptian Gnostics often found on gems and amulets for protection against disease and poisoning. Chnoubis is an aspect of the Gnostic Demiurge, Yaldabaoth associated with Abraxas. It is the perfect combination of the solar lion leading to enlightenment and serpent connecting back to the earth energies.

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